Sunday, 12 July 2015

Review: Amber Vs Teething

Anyone with a teething child will know they will try anything to help the little ones through the pain, and to try keep you sane! On my hunt for teething remedies I came across a lot of people talking about Baltic Amber bracelets. Needless to say I was intrigued so I ordered one from Amber Anklets.

Here is a bit of an explanation from the packaging of the bracelet;

Baltic Amber has been treasured for centuries as a teething aid in Eastern Europe. The Amber itself is a resin that is formed from resis producing trees in the Baltic region. the Amber is a natural anti inflammatory and when worn against the skin can help to greatly reduce any ailments relating to inflammation, thus making it the perfect teething remedy.
Baltic Amber can help to reduce a number of things, irritability, drooling, red cheeks and swollen gums. due to its anti inflammatory nature it can also help to calm skin conditions such as eczema.

When Blaire was showing signs of teething it was hellish, we no longer had our happy little baby. she was super rosy cheeked, drooling all over the place and would sit and make a growling noise all day long (this was the worst)
When it arrived in the post I was skeptical, surely this is just plastic and won't make any difference, nonetheless I popped the bracelet on her ankle and the next day, I kid you not she was like a different baby! No more growling and much less drooling, hallelujah!! 

When Blaire has it on I never leave her unattended, I always pop some socks on her provided it is cool enough to help keep it on her ankle as now she has found it she like to pull on it and has stretched it! 

I must admit I am now a believer in the Amber helping, we have no teeth cutting through just yet so that will be a big test for it, however for the moment it has greatly reduced her symptoms. and as a mum I can't really ask for more than that.

What are your experiences with these bracelets?

Are you a fan of the Baltic Amber or do you think it is all a boohockey? (Love a friends quote)

All items were purchased with my own money

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