Monday, 27 July 2015

Getting Crafty

In times of stress I get crafty and lets just say Blaire's nursery is looking good for it! Is it just me who does things like this when stressed? My most recent effort is this Rainbow melt canvas, created using crayons and a hairdryer. Pinterest has a lot to answer for, this is where many of my ideas stem from.

It is super easy to do and below are the steps and equipment I used. All in I would say this cost around £5 to make (Crayola crayons are £1.25 in Tesco right now)


  • White Canvas (I got mine from the pound shop)
  • 3 Packets of Crayons
  • Super glue
  • Plastic bag/Newspaper (melting the wax gets messy)
  • And a good old trusty hair dryer

  • I started by glueing the crayons to the canvas, I used 3 of each of my selected colours. (Apart from the purple I used 4 as I miss judged the size) Once done it should like the above picture. Leave the glue to set for a few minutes.
  • Lay your plastic bags or newspaper on the floor (this really is needed, I had no idea how much the wax would shoot of the canvas once melted!) 
  • Now comes the fun messy part! Go to town with your hairdryer on a medium setting. I started by melting each colour at a time the once they started running I ran the hairdryer back and forward along them all to mix some colours together.
  • Keep going until you have the desired effect.
  • The wax drys almost instantly once you turn the hairdryer off

Voila, you are left with an awesome piece of art work to hang on the nursery wall! 

Has anyone else made their own decorations for their little ones room? Let me know if you try this, I am off to pin my evening away once more in the search for my next project!

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