Monday, 18 May 2015

Be proud of your Mum Tum

As a new mum i found there is alot of pressure around loosing your "mum tum" and returning to pre baby size. 

Now i don't know about everyone else but i was far too busy with a newborn to be concerned about my weight. Sleep deprived and coping with a colicy baby i would eat whatever i could get my hands on to give me energy. 
During my pregnancy i put on 2 stone, immediately after birth i had lost a stone. Leaving me with 1 stone to shift, which to this day i still have.

My go to wardrobe for the past few months has been black skinny jeans and baggy tees. Last weekend i was going out for lunch and was feeling good. I decided to wear a midi dress, meaning no hiding the tummy.

I have decided I shouldn't be ashamed of my mum tum, i carried a child for 9 months in there and since have been raising my daughter and having fun. Any spare time i have is spent tidying the house or sleeping! 

The weight will shift eventually and i am ok with that. If people make remarks, then that is their issue not mine!

Has anybody else felt the pressure to shed that mum tum? 

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. Seeing the pic of yr belly brought back some amazing memories. 3 kids later, love handles, stretch marks and a pooch - I'm just like you. Super proud to be a mom. I proudly carry my extras aka tattoos of motherhood! I earned all those stripes and what's more important is a healthy mom with a healthy family. Enjoy every minute!