Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Where has the time gone!

Hi guys, I am back!

As some of you may know I recently had a little baby girl in December. Blaire arrived 8 days late after 3 very long days of labour in the hospital! I won't go into the details but it has been enough to put me off child birth for a while!

But really, where does the time go?! like everyone always tells you, enjoy each day as they will be at school before you know it. This is so true Blaire is now 13 weeks old on Thursday!

Since having Blaire I really don't know what day it is or even what time it is, babies are hard work! And if anyone ever tells you different they are lying!

But we are now in a good routine and I have the evenings back to myself (she has even slept through the night twice already!) So as I have some free time again I am resurrecting my blog, I will write about baby related things and also fashion posts (when I am not in my pj's all day)

Speak soon

Eilidh x

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