Saturday, 28 March 2015

First Birthday being a Mummy

Yesterday was my 29th birthday, normally I would celebrate by going out for dinner, having a few drinks with friends and being suitably hungover the next day.

However this year was my first birthday as a mummy!

Blaire kickstarted the day by sleeping until 8am (this never happens) I however awoke at 7:30am thinking something was wrong! Do any other mums do this when their baby does something out of the norm?

We had a lovely chilled morning before getting ready for an afternoon of shopping.

My accessories for the day

Being a mummy now means you can't just up and go, it takes a while to get the bags sorted,bottles made and car packed with the pram! But we managed and off we trotted to Silverburn.

We had some lunch at Five Guys (Hello Cherry sprite) and wandered around the shops. I didnt actually buying myself anything, I did get Blaire a My Little Pony from Build a Bear! 

Shopping selfie

Can we all take a moment to appreciate my amazing sequin mermaid trainers!

Blaire was a wee star being dragged around the shopping centre and sat in her pram most of the day! This is an achievement I know many other mums and dads will agree is major!

Unimpressed Blaire

The past 3 months have flown by and have been very trying at times but I would never change it. Being a mummy has completely changed my life, but for the better! Everyday brings something new and Blaire is growing into a proper little girl with her own wee personality and I love seeing her grow! 

So I am now in my last year of my 20s (something I refuse to accept) and can you believe I will have a 1 year old when I turn 30!!  I ended my birthday the way I do every single day, falling asleep on the couch! 

What do all my fellow mummy friends do on their birthdays now? 

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