Sunday, 29 March 2015

Aldi "Mamia" Nappy Review

I thought I would do a quick post on why I love the Aldi Mamia nappies.

Before B was born I read a lot of reviews on All of the different brands available, since she has been born we have used Pampers New Born, Aldi Mamia Newborn and Asda Little stars (these were horrendous I would never recommend them to anyone)

After using Pampers for a couple of weeks I realised how much money we were spending, so after hearing the rave reviews on the Mamia range I picked up a few packets. Best thing I have ever done!

I find these nappies on a par with Pampers, at a fraction of the cost £1.49 for 24 Newborn Size 1!

B is now wearing size 3 (£4.39 for 56) and we are still loving them, I swear these coupled with Water Wipes have kept nappy rash away.

Things I love about them;

  • They look and feel great, soft to the touch
  • The sticky fasteners do not budge once fastened and they are elasticated giving a snug fit.
  • The wetness indicator is a life saver, always tell when the nappy is full with the yellow line turning blue.
  • Leakages and explosions have been minimal, even with the worst nappy!
  • And finally PRICE, such an affordable price point
I honestly can't say anything bad about these nappies, I have been recommending them to everyone I know who is expecting.

I will continue to buy these nappies for the foreseeable, in my opinion they are giving all the big brands a run for their money.

Have you tried the Mamia range? What did you think? 

*All thoughts are my own, 100% honest review and purchased with my own money.

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