Monday, 3 March 2014

Back to the Future

Last weekend I had two separate 30th birthday nights to attend, so I thought I would share with you what I wore.

The first was an 80's themed night and I grabbed this idea with both hands. As you can see from my outfit above I took some inspiration from Madonna and a touch of glam punk.

I donned my trusty disco pants (I forgot how good these bad boys are) and creepers. I picked up a lace vest from Primark for about £3 and team all of this with as many pearls and chains as I could. I really struggled with my hair, I was unsure how it was going to end up but after alot of hairspray and texturising spray I was happy with the results! Add a black lace bow and I was good to go!

I am now on a mission to attend another 80's themed event soon, I wish I could wear things like this everyday!

For my night out on Saturday we were headed into town for dinner, so i didn't want to be wearing anything too figure hugging (food baby anyone?)

I picked up this black high waisted skirt from Ebay for a mere £9, teamed with an off the shoulder bodysuit and some suede Mary-Jane style shoes and I was sorted.

I really wanted to do some victory rolls in my hair but alas it was fried from my crazy 80's style the night before, so some simple curls it had to be. I really liked the simple elegance of this outfit and cannot wait to wear it again.

Who would you dress as for an 80's night?

Eilidh xx


  1. Love both outfits! Who wouldn't want to dress 80s everyday! I'm with you on that haha xxx

  2. Hey Love I've nominated you for The Liebster Award - go take a look