Thursday, 7 November 2013

Wish me luck!

Hi folks

As you can probably guess from the above, I am currently filling in my application for next Seasons Great British Bake Off.

I watch this show religiously when it is on and own most of the books published by Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.  And every year I watch it I think to myself I could do that but have never had the courage to actually apply, this year that changes!

I feel I have changed a lot as a baker over the last year and have ventured further afield than I used to.  This new self belief in my baking also comes from my friends and family and even strangers who have tasted my offerings and loved them.

I am by no means saying that I am amazing but I figure Hey! I have as good a chance as anyone else right?!

With that I ask you all to keep your fingers crossed, I am off to lock myself in the kitchen!