Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Review: Cocktail and Burger

After months of hearing people rave about Cocktail and Burger, I finally managed a visit a few weeks back. I waited patiently during my working day, even skipping lunch in preparation for this visit, I was excited!

Cocktail and Burger is situated on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow. I may be wrong but I believe it was formally a Beir Halle. On arrival we were greeted by a lovely girl who showed us to a table giving us food and cocktail menus. Now at the time of our visit they were running an offer of a burger,fries and a drink for a fiver, yip you read that correctly, if you wish to upgrade from this to any burger from the menu it was £6.

As you may be aware I am partial to a bit of pulled pork, needless to say I opted for the Poppin Pork burger with fries, and a lemonade, Jamie ordered the same. The menu is short and sweet, but packed full of choices from your traditional cheeseburger to a Frickin Chicken burger. They also have Sliders (small burgers) Hot Dogs, Salads and Bar Snacks including chicken satay skewers and Oban Mussel Popcorn.

While waiting on our order I had a look about and the decor is great mirrored walls lined with booths, local art work on the walls and there is also a faux library/book shelf area at the bar as you head to the toilets.

Our food arrived, thank god as I was starving, and we were offered a variety of sauces. The pulled pork comes on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato and Kopparberg caramelised onions along with a generous portion of fries and a red onion/gherkin salad. The pork was tender and juicy while being packed with flavour. The Kopparberg onions are just something else, unlike anything I have tried before, Amazing! If you manage to eat your way through the burger, the fries are well seasoned and hot. Now the best thing about this was they offer you a bottle of Glasgow Mega Death Sauce in the condiments, if you are a lover of spice then you need this in your life. A dollop of this on your plate to be mopped up with your fries. They do sell the sauce at £4 per bottle.

Unfortunately on this visit we didn't get to try the cocktails however they are priced very reasonably from £3.95 up to £6.95. I will be back to try some next time.

Overall this is a great place to eat, friendly atmosphere and great food! Our bill for this visit was £12, there really is nothing to complain about here. 

Open 7 days a week until midnight
Location: 323 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow

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